What You Need To Know About Instagram Stores

Gone are the days where the only way to get customers to buy your products was to push them to your website. With the likes of Instagram, there are new and ever more innovative ways to reach the types of customers you want who are ready to convert.

Instagram have made it easy to tell your story and showcase your products in an enticing, fluid way. Users can now shop directly from your Instagram commerce posts right at the moment of discovery. There’s no longer a need to navigate away from Instagram to find the same product on your website; Instagram has reduced the number of clicks it takes a user to purchase by hosting the entire shopping funnel right there on the Instagram app itself, making shopping quick, easy and seamless.

Instagram has helped businesses step away from the hard-sell approach and instead, create a softer, more visual shopping experience that especially appeals to younger audiences that are actively using Instagram to discover the hottest new products. Unlike other social platforms such as Facebook that is more about keeping in touch with friends and family, Instagram is more about keeping up with what’s new right now, who and what is trending, what product does the algorithm think that you’ll love based on your previous purchases and searches.

To connect with your audience and make the most of the opportunities available, use your Instagram brand store to showcase your products in an artistic way. Tag all the individual products in your images – just as you would if you were tagging a friend. This streamlines the Instagram commerce buying process by taking the product straight to the consumer, no need for customers to enquire where they can purchase the product or how much it costs – all this information is just one tap away.

Product detail pages also showcase where your product has been tagged elsewhere on Instagram, highlighting to new customers that others have bought from you and been happy enough with their purchase to share on Instagram – so they know you are a trusted store.

If your products appeal to a younger audience and you want to step away from relying on your website to bring in sales, contact us now to discuss an Instagram strategy.


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