Types of Ecommerce Video Marketing That Convert Sales

Wall-to-wall text can overwhelm customers. Endless copy can be really off-putting, especially to an audience who are time-poor. However, you need to give customers enough detail about your product so they’re not left with unanswered questions. And that’s where ecommerce video marketing can really add value by promoting your products in a more engaging way to your target audience and potential new customers.

Short, effective videos can be highly effective at encouraging users to convert, much more so than a static product image. There are many types of video content your business could create to showcase your product. Here are a few of the most popular ecommerce video marketing methods:

Product Demos

Product demonstrations are extremely effective at showcasing the very best of your product including how it works, its benefits and key features, and a 360-degree product view so shoppers know exactly what they’re ordering.

Product demonstration videos help customers visualise what they’re buying and how it will look in their home, managing expectations well ahead of delivery. Product features such as the item’s colour and size can be distorted and hard to visualise from an image alone, whereas a demo video of the product being used leaves no room for misinterpretation.

‘How To’ Videos

More than just a demo video, ‘how to’ videos show the user exactly how to use your product to get the best result. Showing the product in action confirms to the customer that it’s effective at what you claim it does and also provides them with further inspiration of how to use the product in their own lives that they may not have thought of.

Product Comparison

Often, when potential customers are viewing your product pages, they are still in the research stage of the purchase journey. Product comparison videos can be extremely effective at showing your product is better than a comparable competitor product. It’s an easy way to clearly demonstrate the differences between the two competing products and help the user decide which is more suited for their needs.

Review Videos

Lastly, video reviews from real customers can help add authenticity to your brand by sharing positive feedback from an unbiased perspective. Real customers who have purchased your product can share their experience on the simplicity of ordering, the quality of the product once it has arrived and how it met their expectations. Review videos can be especially effective if the review is by a well-known social media influencer or personality within your industry.

Is your brand looking to explore ecommerce video marketing to enhance sales? Contact the SMP team to find out how it will work for your business.

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