Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Tips

In order to gain new customers in a competitive market, you must have an efficient ecommerce marketing strategy in place – starting with an ecommerce content strategy.

A fully optimised strategy will help you attract the attention of your ideal customers and enable you to make sales from multiple avenues, not just from your website. Getting it right takes time and experience. So, here are our top tips for creating an ecommerce marketing strategy:

Set Goals

At the core of a good ecommerce content strategy are the goals your business wants to achieve. These will vary from business to business; however, they may focus around:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing the number of return customers
  • Achieving a predefined number of new subscribers to your newsletter each month
  • Increasing overall profit
  • Decreasing the reliance on paid advertising avenues

Identify Your Target Audience

Once you have established what goals matter to your business, you need to identify who your target market is. Build a picture of your ideal customer, then use the information to steer your focus of where to target your marketing efforts. Demographical information helps you create a buyer persona that you can sell to, these demographics could include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Career
  • Household income
  • Shopping habits
  • Interests
  • Preferred social media platforms

Analyse Your Competitors

To maximise your growth, you need to gain a competitive advantage. Monitor what your competitors are doing to uncover strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what they’re doing right means you won’t get left behind. And understanding what they’re doing wrong gives you the opportunity to overtake them and succeed where they are failing. To ensure you’re always on top, competitor audits should be performed regularly.

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