What Makes Good Ecommerce Content?

Write the most effective ecommerce content with top tips from our experts


Every piece of content you publish should have a purpose, otherwise what’s the point? When creating an ecommerce content strategy, you need to think about your end game; what is it that you want to achieve?

Are you promoting something, a new product for example or a promotion or discount? Or are you giving your audience further insight into your company ethos and history? Or perhaps you’re problem solving? By identifying the purpose of the content, you can adjust your angle, language, and tone to make sure you’re saying the right thing, at the right time in the right way. Doing so will help you to create a stronger connection with your audience and reach your business goal.

Having a consistent CTA for each piece of content also helps to ensure you don’t send mixed messages to your readers.

Brand persona

Consistency is also vital when it comes to branding. It is important to ensure that your branding is reflected in all of your ecommerce content to help create a brand persona. A well-rounded brand persona can help you form relationships with new and existing customers, giving them the opportunity to create an emotional connection with your brand as if it were a person.


Optimising your ecommerce content with your target keywords helps to ensure that your content is found. But it also encourages readers to stay engaged. By repeating references to what the user searched for, you’re increasing the content’s relevance. But there’s an art to optimisation. First and foremost, write with the user in mind. Be single minded and stick to the point. And make sure that key words appear naturally within the narrative. Content stuffed with repetitive keywords randomly placed does not deliver a good user experience.

Supporting Imagery

What’s the old saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Well, it’s true. Including enticing imagery that reflects the topic of the content is the best way to encourage customers to click through and read what you have to say. Large blocks of text can be very off-putting, especially if people are accessing your content from their mobile. Trying to read large volumes of text on a phone isn’t the most inspiring introduction to a brand. So, to attract and engage your audience, use decorative imagery or design details such as infographics and statistics that support the content whilst adding visual intrigue.


Your ecommerce content strategy must take into consideration when the content will be published. Keep up to date with seasons, trends, school holidays etc that may further influence a customer to read your content. Finding the right moment to share your content with the right audience can be the difference between high volumes of engagement or none at all.

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