Social Commerce Trends for Q2 2022

Over the past decade, ecommerce trends have slowly shifted. Where once text-based social media and ecommerce interaction ruled, now mobile, image and video content are the preferred methods of content.

Social commerce is thriving. Consumers love that they can shop directly from the app they’re using instead of having to navigate away to a brand’s website, something especially popular with the under 30’s.

As more and more people change the way they shop, it is essential that brands recognise social commerce as an important sales channel. Having an ecommerce website is no longer enough. If customers can’t browse and shop across other popular channels, you’re missing out on valuable impulse orders.

Whilst social media channels were originally used for socialising with friends and family, now they’re used for research and discovery. Users are still interacting with friends, but they’re seeking inspiration along the way and looking for new brands and products to discover. Once you have piqued their interest, enabling them to shop directly on the app ensures you seal the deal faster. Directing them away to your website risks losing the sale.

Every step added to the shopping cycle is giving the customer another opportunity to change their mind. Whether it’s having to sign up and create an account before they can check out, or navigating through over-complicated payment options, every step is a new barrier to purchase. So, creating a seamless shopping experience on platforms like Instagram where consumers can purchase in just one-click will lead to more sales.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people shop dramatically, with many consumers far more comfortable shopping online than ever before. So, make the most of the increased uptake in ecommerce sales by ensuring all your selling platforms are fully optimised for sales.

For advice on how to get started with a social commerce strategy, contact the team at our specialist social commerce agency.


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