How To Use TikTok Live To Sell Your Products

TikTok Live is a great way of connecting with followers on a more informal level. But it’s also an effective avenue of Tik Tok marketing. Showcasing your products in a live video that hasn’t been edited gives your audience an honest look at your product, so they can see how it would work in real life – no tricks, no marketing gimmicks.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of using TikTok Live as a selling platform. However, there are some easy wins that will allow you to creatively engage your audience as well as sell on a livestream.

New Launches

Brands can go live to announce a new product and give their TikTok followers the first look! Increase interest by posting teasers or a countdown that something new is coming, and then go LIVE armed with all the USPs of your product.


It can be difficult for consumers to visualise what a product will look like in real life, especially if they’ve only seen a static image. Using your product in a livestream will answer lots of questions for customers, such as: what is the product’s actual size, is the colour what they expected etc. You can also encourage people to ask questions or share recommendations of how they use your product.


If you want to give something back to your followers, a spontaneous livestream with an exclusive discount code that they can use for a limited time is a great idea. Once customers know this is something your brand does, they’ll come back time and time again, tuning into further livestreams to make sure they don’t miss out.


TikTok is full of new trends that you can get on board with to show a lighter side of your brand – from dance crazes to voiceovers. Showing that you aren’t only on TikTok to sell and are an active part of the TikTok community will ensure your audience see a less corporate side to your brand.


It’s nice to share your successes with your customers and thank them for their support. Livestreams are a great way to celebrate milestones such as exceeding a certain number of sales, an anniversary of your best-selling product being released, or products launching in a new country for example. Keep your audience informed but keep your narrative light.

If you want your brand to take TikTok by storm but are unsure where to start, contact our specialist TikTok team to discuss your goals.

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