Benefits of Social Commerce Advertising

The rise in popularity of social media has led the likes of Instagram and Facebook to adapt the platform for business. Not only are there many advertising options available to increase followers, brand awareness and sales, users can now shop directly from their preferred social media app – meaning they never have to leave their favourite site to buy your products.

This relatively new advancement is going to change the face of advertising. But brands brave enough to explore the potential now while social media commerce is still in its infancy get to enjoy all the benefits and success with little competition.

Shopping directly from a social channel makes it as easy as possible for users to buy your products, removing the need for them to navigate away to your website. A social media shop streamlines the shopping experience for users, removing obstacles such as them not being able to find the product on your website or having time to change their mind. Every click it takes the user to get to your product is an opportunity for them to decide against the purchase, a social media shop shortens the funnel so they can shop there and then.

Unlike ecommerce, where you’re waiting for customers to come to you, social commerce allows you to go directly to them. You know your demographic spend a good proportion of their free time on social channels. If they can’t shop from your pages, you’re missing out on customers who are ready to buy. This is especially true of younger generations who use Facebook and Instagram to discover new brands and products. They’re the ideal platforms to showcase products that they can purchase in a few simple clicks.

The other main difference between ecommerce and social commerce is that social media platforms provide you with a vast amount of customer data. With so information on your audience, it’s easy to target campaigns and products directly to potential customers who are in market to buy.

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