Types of Ecommerce Marketing Services

In the world of ecommerce, the key to making the most of every opportunity to sell your products and build brand awareness is to have a fully rounded ecommerce content strategy.

Depending on your specific business goals, there are many different types of ecommerce marketing services to choose from, each offering a varying degree of benefits depending. So, to help you choose what’s right for you, here’s a top-line guide to some of our most popular ecommerce marketing services that yield the best rewards for our clients:

Ecommerce Content Creation

Content is king. It doesn’t just educate customers about your products; it can entice potential customers to find out more too. With years of experience under their belts, our content team are experts in creating content that is entertaining, informative and, most importantly, SEO-optimised – to maximise your product’s visibility across all search engines. To maximise sales opportunities, the ecommerce content we design can sit on website product pages, Amazon product listings or even brand stores to create a complete end-to-end brand experience.

Voice Commerce

From smartphones and computers to smart home assistants, the list of devices that use voice recognition grows ever-longer. Voice commerce involves optimising your website and its content for voice searches, enabling customers to purchase your products hands free! Our experts use their knowledge to help brands create voice experiences that are engaging while meeting all of the necessary requirements.

Social Commerce

Although social commerce is still relatively new, it’s gaining momentum quickly and proving especially popular amongst younger users, allowing them to shop via social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

Whether it’s an Instagram store or shoppable social media content, our ecommerce experts can help you showcase your products, raise awareness of your business, and compete with big brands.

If you’d like to discuss any of these services or discover how we can help you create an Ecommerce content strategy that will boost your online sales and raise the awareness of your brand, please get in touch.


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