TikTok Shop is Your Next Biggest eCommerce Solution

If you’re not yet fully on board with the ins and outs of TikTok, you might be surprised to discover it’s not just a place for crazy trends and dance videos. The platform is fast becoming the next big eCommerce solution, providing plenty of advertising opportunities for creative agencies and their clients. And with an estimated 27 million active users, it’s easy to see why the newest social media platform is becoming more and more popular with brands.

Part of its appeal is that it’s so different to the other three main social channels. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok gives priority to videos made by previously undiscovered creators rather than just showing users the homepages and channels of people or brands they already follow. And TikTok’s UX is designed to keep users in the app for as long as possible, the opposite of Facebook and Twitter. It’s working, because the latest results show the average user opens the app a staggering 16 days a day.

The rapid-fire, bite-sized content is perfect for Gen-Z, who absolutely love the platform, giving brands an opportunity to connect directly with this young audience. They don’t just use the platform for entertainment, it also inspires their purchase decisions – with 71% of users confirming they’ve previously made an unplanned purchase because of TikTok. So, the introduction of TikTok shop is big news for users and brands alike.

TikTok Shop combines in-feed videos, LIVE streams, and product display tabs to help merchants, brands and creators promote and sell their products directly on the platform. Get it right, and it’s the perfect way to turn initial discovery into instant purchase. There are three channels you can use to reach your audience:

  • Short video: Ideal for single-product focus and educational content
  • Livestream: Ideal for event-driven focus e.g., launch/sale/EOL
  • Product Showcase: Ideal for showcasing portfolio and product content

Choosing the right channel is only the start. Hitting the right note on TikTok is also critically important if you want to appear authentic on the platform. Using social media influencers and creators as TikTok Shop Affiliates to promote and sell your products can dramatically improve your chance of success. Users respond more positively to them than to advertisements, with 66% of the 16-29 age group saying that they trust influencers. And of course, they have a ready-made army of followers, so their content can organically reach millions of potential customers.

There are two ways you can work with TikTok Shop Affiliates:

  • Target plan: Select the products you want to sell, the creator you want to collaborate with, and the compensation percentage. Once approved, the influencers can include your products in showcases, short videos, or live streams
  • Open plan: Establish a commission rate and decide which products you want to be sold by creators. Creators will then apply by themselves to sell via live streams, short videos, or showcases. There is no limit to how many influencers you can work with on TikTok

Once that’s all set up, the app makes everything else a breeze. Users can access their order status, logistics, and after-sales support while you can manage orders, run promotions, access customer service, and revenue analytics directly from TikTok Shop Seller Centre.

TikTok may not yet seem like the obvious eCommerce solution, but you can’t afford to ignore the influence it has – especially on young adults. Health and beauty, fashion, technology, entertainment, and gaming brands are already using the platform to increase brand recognition, grow their following and boost sales.

Your very own TikTok Livestream commerce channel could help you increase purchases and grow your audience too. For expert advice and guidance, talk to the TikTok team at SMP.

This article was written by Lily Tenchurina @ SMP Agency.

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