Benefits of TikTok Live Streams

Compared to other social media channels, TikTok is the new kid on the block. Its huge popularity and continued success, particularly with the 15 – 25 age group, means that brands keen to showcase and sell their products to a younger target audience are keen to tap into its success.

TikTok live streams are the best way to get your brand and products seen. Even if you’ve never done a live stream before, with some simple pre-planning, it’s relatively easy to go live on TikTok and reap the benefits…

Create a Brand Persona

Under 25’s aren’t interested in looking at your website. They want to be engaged in a different way. Putting a face to a name can help personalise your brand, make your products more appealing, and create a feeling of trust. So, introduce your team and take your followers behind the scenes to the creation, preparation, and dispatch of your products.

Alternatively, if live streams seem too much like hard work, you could always work with an internal or external Tik Tok marketing agency and let them be the face of your brand and handle all of your LIVE broadcasts.

Reach a Younger Demographic

Many brands still prioritise channels like Facebook for their social media campaigns. However, the average age of a Facebook user is 25 – 34, so if your brand/products appeal to a much younger audience, advertising on Facebook is a waste of money.

24% of TikTok’s users are aged between 15 – 25, so it’s the perfect platform to reach a younger audience and discover how they like to be interacted with, what works and what doesn’t.

Showcase Your Products

TikTok live streams are a good way to introduce your products to new customers. They’re an effective showcase for new product releases and can help increase return customer orders. Including an exclusive discount code during the live stream is a great way to incentivise an immediate purchase and engage existing followers as well as grabbing the attention of potential new customers.

If you’re looking to showcase your brand on TikTok, speak to our specialist TikTok marketing team for more top tips

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