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Blood Monkey



We gave Amazon shoppers a little ginspiration

Where once only a handful of gin brands competed for shopper attention, now there are thousands. So, launching a new gin is no small feat, especially when you’re launching on Amazon.

To give Blood Monkey the standout it needed in such a competitive environment, we used strong brand assets and a bold playful tone of voice to allow the brand’s unique personality to shine through. In doing so, we created a page that entertained as well as educated.

We crafted copy that wove key search terms into the brand narrative, dramatically improving SEO and making it easier for shoppers to discover Blood Monkey for themselves. And we made the most of the gin’s cheeky brand identity to create a social campaign that grabbed attention on Instagram to funnel sales straight to our new Amazon page.

The combination of bold content, audience insight and smart media helped us increase revenue week-on-week and triple sales in the week running up to Black Friday. And within two months of launch, we’d helped the brand achieve top 5 status in the category.

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